My name is Christine and I'm based in Montreal, Canada. I made my debut in the wonderful world of blogging in 2007 when I started my very first blog. At first, blogging was more of a hobby I was doing for fun, but with time, it really became a passion for me. English is not my first language and blogging helped me a lot to improve my vocabulary. Please be indulgent if you see any typos in my posts, I'm working hard to be better and reach perfection :)

I like developing my personal style, sharing inspirations and most of all, transmitting my true love for fashion to others. I love styling myself different from everybody else. I personally think that fashion and music go together. My personal style is for sure influenced by my musical taste. I'm a huge fan of punk/rock/metal music, but still enjoy all kinds of music and love discovering new bands!

Here are a few random facts about me... 
+ I love everything about skateboarding: the lifestyle, the vibe, the fashion/style and the sport itself, of course! It became a true passion for me.
+ I dream of moving to California and skate at the Venice skate park. 
+ I'd love to travel the world to assist every music festivals. 
+ I'm addicted to dying my hair every pastel tones possible. 
+ I took street dance courses for many years. 
+ I love mermaids and unicorns. 
+ My favorite fashion trend is the grunge/90s era. 
+ I couldn't live without The Simpsons & my iPhone. 

I hope you'll have fun going through my blog as much as I actually have written it. 
Welcome to my crazy world!

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  1. So glad to have stumbled on your blog! it is really well put together. Much Love


    1. Thank you so much sweetie!!!
      Your words warms my heart :) xx


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