Cheers to December Y'all! I cannot process the fact that it's officially winter already. My brain is kinda stuck in ''Summer Mode''! Anyone else is running around to finish their Christmas shopping? ...seriously, I'm ridiculous. Always the same story each year; I might run out of time, again!

Anyway, I wanted to share some news with you today. La Fabrique Crépue, a well-known lifestyle blog here in Quebec contacted me a few months ago to ask me if I would love to be their featured artist for the month of December on their blog! The mandate was to create three different illustrations that would become their blog banners for the whole month. EXCITING, right?! Of course, I accepted right away!

wreckless x la fab crep

wreckless x la fab crep

wreckless x la fab crep

Here are the three banners that I've created for their blog and Facebook page. The only restraint I had was that it has to be something that feels festive. I stayed true to my personal style in terms of colors and lines. I'm must say that I'm quite happy with the final result! I put a lot of work in each of them, and I can't even choose which one is my favorite.
In case you are wondering, I used the app Procreate on my Ipad Pro to create these illustrations. I highly recommend the iPad Pro and Apple pen to any of you who are drawing and would love to try some digital sketching. It's so easy to use and really feel like if you were drawing with an actual pen on a sheet of paper. I couldn't leave without it anymore!

My banners will be up on LaFabCrep's website for the whole month. I encourage you to visit their blog and check them out :) There's also an article about my creative process and personal background. You can read the article right here 💕

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