I've been thinking of doing this new segment on my blog for a while now. Having to deal with some health issues along the way made me put all of those ideas a little behind. While I'm still working on feeling better, I was able to work on this project here and there and I'm so glad I did!

So here's the main idea: I thought it would be interesting to feature some rad skater girls on the blog. I follow a bunch of them online and find them all so inspiring! It's basically like a small community out there; everyone follows each other and encourage others who lands a new trick or it gets us all pumped to try a trick we saw online, etc.

The first shredder to be featured on the blog is Marisa Garcia. She's such a sweet girl! Not only she's a rad skater but she's also a super creative mind. She likes to make art by designing shirt graphics and also creating some pieces of clothing! Check out the interview I did with her :)

Meet the skater girl: Marisa

Meet the skater girl: Marisa

Name: Marisa

Age: 24

Location: Austin, Texas

What's your day job?
I’m a seamstress and pattern maker for a clothing design company!

When did you start skating?
I started skating in 2013: I learned how to drop in sometime in April I think and after building up the courage, I started going to the skate park during the day that summer in June!

Are there many female skaters in your area?
Yes! There are actually quite a few girls who skateboard and roller skate as well but the best part is we all encourage one another. It’s fun to session with them because you learn so much by skating the same things with them or you broaden your horizons by going to new spots. They always keep me hyped and you can see all of the shredding on Instagram @RipRiot !!

What do you enjoy most about skateboarding?
I have to say just skating in itself is enjoyable—being able to even be on a board is such a great feeling but besides that, I enjoy rolling away from something I’ve been scared of or working on after a long amount of time. Nothing compares to that feeling of accomplishment when you finally conquer a fear or learn something you’ve been thinking of for awhile.

Name one thing in the world that you can't live without?
Besides my skateboard, I don’t think I could live without video games! They definitely bring me a lot of happiness and help a lot when I need to take some time to heal during skateboarding

Meet the skater girl: Marisa

Meet the skater girl: Marisa

What’s your biggest accomplishment in skateboarding? 
I think my biggest accomplishment in skateboarding (as of right now) is being able to skate a vert ramp. As simple as it sounds, this was something incredibly challenging for me and I honestly never thought I would be able to do it! Every time I get a session in makes me feel so happy and proud of myself.

What’s your board set up (deck, wheels, trucks)?
Deck is an 8.25 or 8.3 Creature board with 145 Independent trucks and Spitfire wheels! That’s my perfect set up and all those components hold up very well for me. I think I’ve almost had my trucks for two and a half years now actually they are definitely getting groovy but still going strong!

What’s a normal day like for you?
On weekdays it consists of me going to work then scarfing down some dinner and immediately skating after! I’ll skate as late as the lights are on and then spend the rest of my night playing games, watching anime (or the Office for the fifth time in a row), playing with my cat, or making new art and shirt graphics.
On the weekends, I will spend all day skating! Start the morning off with a nice cup of coffee, pack my bag with some essentials, and skate park/spot hop all day. After a long day of skating, I usually go to the arcade with friends or stay in playing video games with family (and petting all of their cats). If I have any extra time, I spend it sewing and making new clothes for myself and others!

Which female skater(s) inspire you?
Definitely Nora Vasconcellos! She is an all around shredder in every aspect of skateboarding and she makes amazing art as well. She inspires me to skate as many things as I can and stay creative on and off board.
Allysha Le is also crazy good and makes me want to try my hardest when I skate vert.
Lastly, Marisa Dal Santo is amazing; I might not ever be able to skate street the way she does, but I get amped when I watch her old parts. It’s inspiring to see someone shred that hard and it makes you want to do it too. This list could go on forever, but I’ll leave it at this for now!

Have you entered skateboarding contest or competition?
I have entered a few local competitions-some serious and some that were more of a fun event to get everyone together. As long as it’s all in good fun and helps the community, I really do enjoy them.

Meet the skater girl: Marisa

Meet the skater girl: Marisa

Favorite outfit to practice skateboarding?
Black skinny jeans most of the time or my dark green Dickies pants are my go to’s! Pair that with a comfortable shirt or tank top to match make up my staple pieces. This might be simple, but I always like to make sure my clothes are flattering to my figure and having awesome graphic shirts always makes an outfit fun.

The item you cherish the most in your wardrobe?
This little gray shirt with a black bias hem on the arms and neck finished off with a Darth Vader patch has to be one of my favorite things! That or this old Slayer shirt I found at a thrift store, because no matter what anyone says, I will always love Slayer (especially since some of the older vert guys used to play some of their albums at the first vert sessions I went to, it’s definitely nostalgic for me)!

What was the worst injury you ever had skateboarding?
Oh gosh, I’ve had a bunch… but it’s between these two: the first one I dislocated my finger by the knuckle but it also broke so the finger was twisted the other direction (I think I had micro fractures in my ring and pinky finger as well). My whole hand was swollen and I actually had to get surgery on the broken finger so the bone would fuse back together. I have arthritis because of that injury and can’t make a closed fist still to this day, but I have a pretty awesome scar! The next one is when I fractured my foot. I only say this because injuring anything on your leg is depressing, I couldn’t even STAND on a skateboard let along wear a regular shoe so I had a hard time mentally getting over that injury.

Do you practice any other sports?
Unfortunately, I do not. I still like volleyball and tennis but don’t spend much time trying to do these things. I don’t know if yoga is considered a sport but to stay active and healthy I try to do that as often as I can! It helps with skating too!

Meet the skater girl: Marisa

Meet the skater girl: Marisa

What's the biggest dream you'd like to accomplish one day?
I would love to be in a skateboarding magazine one day, especially Lowcard and Thrasher. Seeing girls in magazines always makes me so stoked and if I could have that same effect on other girls reading one day, my life would be complete!

The next trick you want to land?
Frontside air on my friend's vert ramp! I’ve been struggling with this one for a while so once I land it I’ll be hyped! That and a solid Monty grind on a 6-foot quarter; I capped those off on a 5 footer and want to push them to taller transitions!

Do you have any advice for ladies that are new to skateboarding?
Don’t be afraid to try new things and go to places/parks that challenge you. Often times, when you first start skating, it’s very easy to get stuck at the same skate park or spot; this is the easiest way to get stuck in a rut and if you’re looking to improve, it’s best to broaden your horizon from the get go. You will learn so much about the things that you love to skate, what you’re good at, and what you want to improve on the most. Being scared to go to new places is normal but it is so worth it. I stayed at the same skate park for almost a year and a half and I was terrified to skate DIY’s, street, or anything with huge bowls. Once my friends forced me out of my comfort zone, I learned that skating bowls is one of my favorite things to do so I highly encourage skating as many things as you can from the get go!


In case you're all curious to see her drawing skills, here are a few of her latest creations! She definitely has her own style, these graphics are SICK! And also I love the fact that they are all linked to skateboarding in their own way.

Meet the skater girl: Marisa

Meet the skater girl: Marisa

Meet the skater girl: Marisa

The last graphic is a collab she did with another talented artist. Sandy Perazaa, one of her skate pals, is also a graphic artist. They worked this piece together where they merged each of their own styles in one unique character. One side is Marisa's from Texas and the other is Sandy's from Oregon. They even drew their personal home state at the bottom, it's such a nice idea. I think the final result is beyond amazing! Check out Sandy's art account on Instagram for more rad stuff: @Chapiess ✨

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Marisa, for taking the time to answer all my questions and sending me those cool photos. Everyone go take a look at her Instagram account to follow her journey: @mar2d2_ 💞

I hope you enjoyed this new segment on the blog.
Stay tuned for our next interview :)

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