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Last year, I wrote a post that was featuring the coolest iPhone cases I've found online at that moment. Since this post is still super popular on the blog, I decided to do a more updated version of it today.

It's basically been raining all day long and I'm still in pajamas browsing the internet on the hunt for Christmas gifts for my friends and family. In the meantime, I saved all the hottest iPhone cases I've found and regrouped them all together for you.
Because life is too short for a boring phone, right?

Dreamy iPhone cases

1. Mr. Burns case | Skinny Dip
2. Drift case | Zero Gravity
3. Rainbow case | Valfré
4. Not yours case | Local Heroes
5. Woodstock case | Zero Gravity
6. Coffin case | Valfré
7. Rainbow cubes case | Casetify
8. Slushie case | Skinny Dip
9. Fluffy hearts case | Local Heroes
10. Doodles case | Casetify
11. Bitchin case | Valfré
12. Bloom case | Zero Gravity

I hope this is gonna help you find the perfect cell phone case, either it's for you or as a gift. Personally, all of these are now on my wishlist for Santa :)

Happy Sunday Loves x x

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