It's already freezing outside and summer is over, but hopefully, it's Halloween next week. For once, I know exactly what costume I want to wear! I'm usually super last minute when it comes to choosing a costume for Halloween. But not this year!!!! The only character I want to be dressed up as is Eleven from the popular Netflix series ''Stranger Things''. I watched the whole series in less than 48 hours because it was too damn good!

The scenes where El is dressed up as ''a normal girl'' inspired me for the costume idea. I was in love with the outfit when I first saw it. I agree, this may look like the kind of outfit I would wear every day to go to work, but whatever! The character is so powerful and way cooler than everyone else, it makes the outfit even more badass.

Halloween costume idea Eleven from Stranger Things

Here's what you'll need if you want to achieve this look:

- Pink Dress | Melon Hopper
- Navy Bomber Jacket | Garage
- Skater Socks | American Apparel
- White Converse High Tops | Little Burgundy
- Vintage Casio Watch | Sears
- Fake Blood | Amazon
- Blond Wig | Amazon

Of course, any pink dress will do the job. If you already own one at home that doesn't have a white collar, you can easily wear a Peter Pan collar (for a very cheap price!) underneath the dress and the final look will be similar.

This costume is perfect for Halloween, whether you wear this at work or at a party, you'll be comfortable and won't look too sexy or trashy (no, we don't want to be that girl, right?!). Plus, it's school appropriate too!

Halloween costume idea Eleven from Stranger Things

Oh, and make sure to go grab a box of Eggo waffles at the grocery store on your way out! (...good news: you'll have a yummy breakfast waiting for you on the next morning... hihi!)

Anyone else planning to dress up as Eleven for Halloween?

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  1. This is absolutely amazing!!! I am so obsessed with this series.! To bad Halloween has passed.

    1. Glad you liked the idea, thank you !!
      Maybe next year then? :)


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