In case you didn't know it yet, Brighton Zeuner is the youngest female athlete to be invited to the famous X Games competition. She's 11 years old and nothing scares her!
She started skateboarding at the young age of 5 years old when she decided she was fed up of watching her older brother skate at the park. She just had to give it a try too! ...and thank god that she did :)

(Credits: Gabriel Rivera)

Kyle Camarillo recently filmed Zeuner in San Francisco for his 1st ''moment film'' all shot on iPhone using Moment lenses. I must say the result is quite impressive!
''Though the spot was a challenge, it was the best vibes kinda day'' says Brighton. You can clearly feel the freedom and good vibes when you look at that young girl shred.

From the pool to the half pipe, she makes everything looks so easy!  She always loved showing off that she can be as good as the boys are at skateboarding.
That's one of the reasons why I love her that much :)

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