Is everyone having a great weekend? On my side, I can't believe it's already over. I feel like yesterday was Friday, right?! Anyway, today I thought I'd be sharing with you some of my favorite items I bought last month. Nothing big,  just a few items I particularly enjoyed lately :)

Top picks of the month

- New Mom jean (Garage). I never thought I would actually love this style ever one day. But seriously these fit perfectly! They're ankle jeans (so perfect for Summer!) and high waisted. It's gonna look super cute with crop tops! No choice, I'm now giving a second chance to this style of jeans!

- The Polaroid photo album (Urban Outfitters). This cute pastel album is made for square sized Polaroids, but I don't really care. I can fit two photos on the same page, instead of just one...#win! I have a few Polaroid pics hanging on the walls around the house, but for all the other ones, this tiny album is perfect!

- The cutest iPhone case (Valfré). I'm such a huge fan of iPhone cases. Seriously, it's becoming a real joke, I just can't control myself! I love having the liberty of switching case, depending of my mood and how I feel. This one is the latest addition to my collection and definitely one of the cutest!

What your top pick of the month?

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  1. I crazily have never even heard of this brand, but recently I just bought "mom" ankle jeans as well... and I cried a bit because I liked them so much! I like to think that the high waisted mom jeans have truly come a long way since my mom actually wore them in the 90's hahah!


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