Over the past year, we've seen many junk food themed graphics featured on clothes and accessories. I must admit that I was super happy about this new trend. I still regret I haven't bought this sweater with the all over pizza print before it went sold out! No luck...
Remember when the quote ''French fries before guys'' went viral? Valfré made the cutest tee out of it (still on my wishlist!). I'm clearly not fed up with all those tasty burgers & yummy hot dogs being featured on fashion items, but this summer it's all about tacos!

For the love of tacos

For the love of tacos

1. Sneakers | Vans
2. Patch | Thread Wizard
3. Patch | Wildflower
4. iPhone case | Garage
5. Sock | Asos
6. Pin | Hungry Eyes
7. iPhone case | Urban Outfitters
8. Ringer tee (shown in the 1st picture) | Garage

Being a taco lover myself, I'm excited to replenish my wardrobe with some fresh tacos pieces.
Are you a fan of the whole junk food themed trend?

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