Montreal is an amazing city filled with creativity and emerging artists and I'm proud to call it my home. I thought it would be a pretty good idea to do a post series that would feature some of them. Personally, I love discovering new artists, I think it can be very inspiring to enter someone creative mind and try to understand them through their art.

The first artist that I'll do a post on is named Dominique she's the owner of Yelle Illustrations, a company that she founded only 3 months ago. She design prints and lovely greeting cards. All of her drawings are inspired by nature's beauty and cute things that we use in our everyday life. To me, what she does is all about fun, every time I take a look at her new creations I can't do anything else but smiles it just makes me happy to see her creative mind unfold on paper.

Dominique told me she always been interested and curious about nature as a child, she used to love reading encyclopedia about animals, nature, planets, etc... As far as she can remember, she always enjoyed drawing.
Attracted by visual arts in general, she made her studies in graphism. She admits that she never really thought she could make a living out of it, to her drawing always had been a passion but now it is becoming even more than that, she could make a career out of it which is more than she could ever dream of.

The journey of Yelle's Illustration started not that long ago, it actually all started when she started her own Instagram account she received a lot of great feedback and people started requesting pricing on some prints and if they were actually for sale. Dominique loves doing correspondence, writing letters and that kind of stuff you can feel this vintage vibe when you browse through all of her pieces. Everything you would order from her would follow the same vibe and theme from the prints to the packaging she actually sends them in.  For the moment, her main focus is creating prints and greeting cards but by looking at her Instagram account, I think she might offer a larger selection pretty soon.

(Images source: Yelle Illustrations)

Dominique opened her Etsy shop one month ago if you like what you see in my post, I would consider taking a look at it right away there's some pretty cool stuff there.

You'd love to have one of these prints? I'm currently hosting a GIVEAWAY on my Instagram account! I'll be giving 2 greeting cards made by Yelle Illustrations.

Hurry up, contest ends on April 14th. Click HERE to enter!

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