If you're on the hunt for beautiful designer pieces, then this post is for you. I recently discovered this platform named Hiphunters, where you can keep track of the latest trends and even shop fashion forward pieces from many designers.

A lot of well-known designer pieces are featured on the website, but you can also discover independent designers from around the world. Boutiques, brands, and designers can partnership with Hiphunters to be featured on their site. This can be a great opportunity for them to increase their visibility and reach new customers.
When you navigate on the webstire, you can shop designer pieces through the different categories. I particularly love the women's accessories section and the shoes section (...of course!).
There are a bunch of items that captured my attention, here's a few of them:

Hiphunters: The best way to shop designer pieces

(Source: Hiphunters)

- Floral wedges by Yves Saint-Laurent
- Robot ring by Eshvi
- Lace bralette by Stella McCartney
- Flower sweater by Christopher Kane
- Tortoise sunglasses by Karen Walker
- Suede skirt by Isabel Marant

Of course, all of these are high-quality items. That being said, they aren't budget friendly, but it can be a great option when you want to treat yourself or even someone you love.

Hope you enjoy your Monday lovelies, happy shopping!

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