ALERT! .....Major girl crush here !!

For me, Hannah is the definition of perfection.

She's a pure natural beauty. Her personal style f*ckin rule ! And by looking at her weekly posts on Instagram, you can tell that she's such a positive girl. She's all about finding peace, loving yourself, being good to other people, find the perfect balance in life... So inspiring !

She recently did a photoshoot for Dolls Kill.
Shot by Tom Sykes, these pictures are truly amazing.....

I'm planning to wake up early on April 1st to put my hands on one copy of the new book she'll be releasing : The Balance Book.
From her website, explaining the Balance project: ''The second book, curated and written by Hannah Pixie Snowdon and Anastasia Tasou. The main focus being love, combining eastern philosophy with practical actions in order for love - real, unconditional love at least, to be an agent of change in your own life, and ultimately, into a better world.''

I really hope to be able to buy one of these before they sell out :)
Wish me luck !




I recently bought some cute patches to fancy up some of my clothes. I love to personalize some pieces of clothing by adding studs, pins and patches. This makes them so unique and it also add a fun 90s touch to any piece :)

The only thing I find hard, is to choose which one of my denim jackets or which one of my backpacks will have the privilege to have lovely patches added on.

I found a few pictures on Pinterest as inspiration for my next project!
Take a look :)

(pictures are from Pinterest)

I really loooooooove all those ideas...!!!
I guess it's time to add some swag on my clothing now...

I'll try to keep you posted on the results :)



Let's make it clear, Jeremy Scott will always be one of my favorite designers. He got me with his McDonald's inspired collection a few years ago! Everybody remember this collection, I loooooved it so much :)))
He's colorful and he's not scared to push the boundaries. All his collections are so eccentric and original!

For his Fall 2015, he created a Bear capsule collection named ''Ready to Bear''.
I'm in love again !

(photos: Imaxtree)

The leather & fur jacket clutch is so adorable !!! .....but $1495 is quite expensive (...that is not a surprise, right ?).

The collection will be available in stores soon. In the meantime, items are available through Moschino's webshop.




I came across this unique brand randomly by scrooling down my Tumblr feed. Someone (thank god) reblogged one of their beautiful picture so it appeared on my feed. I liked the old school rock'n roll vibe of the pictures so went immediately on their website to know more about them.

Here's what I learned. Name of the company is BackBite (as you can read in the title). Founders of this brand are five rocker chicks named Selena, Brit, Taylor, Casey and Rachel. Based in Los Angeles, they put their creative minds all together and the result is lovely. They offer a variety of clothing, footwear, accessories and even some home furniture! Everything they sell is either recycled or true vintage pieces!

This is their latest lookbook ''Highway One''.
........Psstt.... the models are actually the founder of the brand :)

Do you like it as much as I do ?
You can view the complete lookbook HERE.




I received a Polaroid camera more than a year ago. I really liked it and I literally take pictures all the time. I find it so cool to have the actual real photo in my hands only 2 seconds after I took it ! ...no more ton of pictures stocked on my iPhone's camera roll...!

But I noticed that as time passes, they all end up in a pile not being seen by anyone. I think I'm going to hang them so I can remember all those funny-cute-lovely moments everyday.

I went on Pinterest to find some cool ideas to display them in my house. Here's the best ones I've found :

Which one is your favorite ?

*I was not able to find every credits for these pictures. Please send me an email if you know a source that I'm missing :)