I've been tagged by the lovely Tore from A Tiny Mew for the Love/Hate tag. I don't publish this kind of post often on my blog, but thought it could be fun to fill this one out so you guys can know me a little better. I'll keep it short & sweet and will try to state things that are not too obvious such as ''I like pastel colors''. I think you can tell, right?

So the rules are pretty simple, when you are nominated you state 10 things you love and 10 things you hate. To complete the tag, you tag 10 other bloggers to take part. Let's start!

First, 10 things I love:
1- Dancing. Started taking street style dance classes when I was 8 years old. It still a passion for me and my favorite way to workout.
2- Mini Eggs from Cadbury. They are  the best! I always have a bag around! .....on a side note: I love all kinds of chocolate, everything with chocolate in it, chocolate icing!
3- Sleeping. I'm not a morning person (...but I wish I was!) and I could sleep for days! I need to set an alarm every morning, including on the weekend.
4- Dumb movies. Step Brothers, Starsky & Hutch, The Hangover, etc.. I must have seen them at least 100 times and they still make me laugh.
5- Punk / Metal music. I love intense music. It makes me feel so good, I really think it's like a therapy for me. Not everybody understands that, though... sometimes people think I'm crazy lol!
6- The Simpson. I couldn't picture my life without Homer and Bart!
7- Originality! Life is too short to be like everyone else :)
8- Skateboard. Started to ride with my brother back when we were kids. I recently bought a brand new skateboard and fell in love again. I didn't remember I much I loved it :)
9- Drawing. It makes me think about nothing and just relax!
10- California. I love going to the beach, the hot weather (...no winter!!), palm trees... I wish I could live there!

Now, 10 things I hate:
1- Traffic. The average time I spent being stuck in traffic per week is maybe 10 hours minimum. Even started to have small panic attacks while being stuck in traffic to go to work on the morning. I hate it :(
2- Fake people.
3- Vomit. One of my biggest fear since I'm a child. It's my worst nightmare. Even just hearing someone throwing up or seeing it in a movie makes me feel sick and ill.
4- Spiders, snakes, insects...name it!!!!
5- Cheese. I don't like cheese since forever. I wish I loved cheese, who doesn't like cheese, seriously? Hopefully, I love pizza, cheese sticks & brie... that's a good start :)
6- Migraines. I have them since I'm young. Acupuncture and massotherapy have helped me a lot recently!
7- My accent. I still have (and probably will always have) a french accent when I speak English. Yuk!
8- People who are self-centered. Is there something more to add... They always talk about themselves and don't listen what you have to say. No thanks.
9- Being stressed!!!!
10- Dentist. I had braces for 3 years and a half back when I was a teenager. It was so painful! I literally hate going to the dentist since that day.

Did you learn something new about me? :)
Ok, now I'm tagging the following bloggers ...go check out their blogs, it's worth the detour!

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Please feel free to leave the link to your tag post once it's done so everyone can have a read or hit me up on Twitter so I can read yours :)
Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I love it when bloggers do these kinds of tags, because it gives you a small kind of glimpse into their lives :)


    1. Feeling the same :) Happy you liked the post!

  2. I love reading tags like this because I'm nosy haha! But cheese is one of my favourite ever things! Thank you for the nomination :) x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. Haha ! :) Seriously, I think I might be one of the only person on earth who doesn't love cheese...lol! xxxx


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