If you are from the same generation as me, this lookbook from Declared Clothing will bring you right back to your teenage years. I'm such a nostalgic person and let me tell you that these pics reminded me so many souvenirs.
All those hours I spent on our first computer at home (...and blocking our telephone line). I became an expert at Paint doing so many doodles and graffitis. Chatting with my friends on ICQ was more than cool! I also remember working on my MySpace account on a weekly basis to keep it dynamic, true to my personality and I was updating my ''home'' song way too often! I used to love MySpace so much :) 

This is so brilliant :) Love their concept so much.
Take a look at their website: Declared Clothing.

Did you use to have a MySpace account or use Paint on your computer back in the days? #90s



  1. You've brought me back to my awkward teen years! Haha I remember being obsessed with Myspace---do you remember how you could list your top friends on your profile? That started some real dram in middle school! I love this lookbook---it's just too cute <3
    She Will Be
    She Will Be

    1. Hahah omg how could I forget about the top friends!!!!!
      Thanks for remembering me :)

  2. I'm so obsessed with this lookbook! Especially the pastel hair and the stickers on the face :)



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