Melanie Martinez is an artist I truly admire. I did a blog post back when she released her music video for the song 'Carousel'. I was literally in love everything in that clip. I must have watched it at least a hundred times... She really got me hooked from that day. She made her debut with the EP named 'Dollhouse', but now she has a brand new album for us: 'Cry Baby'. The beautiful pictures from the photoshoot of the album have been all over the internet for a week or two. Shot by talented Kristina Stanton, everything is there to reflect Melanie's imaginary world; soft light, pastel colors, baby themed decor, cotton candy hair...

A thing that I love about Melanie is that she is 100% committed to every aspect of her art. She wishes to create a music video for each track she releases. She visualizes all details of her videos and pass behind the camera to direct and ensure her vision is being perfectly reproduced. She recently said in interview with Elle.com ''I feel it's my job as the artist who is making the music to pair it with the visuals that I see in my head while writing the music in the first place. I just wouldn't have it any other way. No one else is going to know exactly what's in my brain. For the 'Soap' video I just had a couple of friends come over and shoot me in my hotel room tub. It's very DIY.''

New album 'Cry Baby' will be available on August 14th. Until then, here are two of her latest songs that will also be included on the new album; 'Pitty Party' & 'Soap' :)


  1. Argh I just love Melanie so freaking much! I've followed her avidly ever since her carousel days. Also, can we just talk about the PITY PARTY MUSIC VIDEO?


    1. I know right !?!! I love this video so much! ...I wish I can live inside her videos lol :))))


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