Today I'm sharing with you three clothing brands that I particularly love, who all come from my hometown, Montreal / Quebec. They are brands who, in my opinion, needs to be known across the globe. Each of them have their own style and create unique pieces that they sell either in their own store, in skate shops or on their online website.

They are a group of young artists who brings their creativity to the next level. Creating limited series, every piece is made with a DIY spirit using graphic design, drawing, painting skills, giving more edge and originality to the brand. They offers men, women and junior clothes (including accessories). Flagships are located in Quebec, Victoriaville and they recently opened a new one in Montreal. Click HERE for the detailed store locations.

(Source: Teaspoon)

This lifestyle brand created by Vinny Success is all about positivity and pushing yourself forward to achieve your dreams. The brand is the perfect blend of skate and hip hop influences. Success Clothing is motivating us with powerful Mottos like ''Success, Nothing Less'' and ''Fuck Failure''. These clothes & accessories (for men and women) are now available in a bunch of skate shops around Canada, USA and even Japan. The complete list is right HERE.

(Pictures: Monsiieur)

Fashion brand led by David Brown, Nicolas Denis and Jay Changizi. They bring the art of Tattoo on the front row by featuring unique graphics and special collaborations with tattoo artists. They have a large selection of clothing & accessories for women and men. They sell through their online shop and are opening their office to the public a few times a year for special events.

(Pictures: Kelly Jacob)

I'm very proud of these local artists who work so hard to create original and high quality product. They deserve recognition and success!
Don't hesitate to visit their websites and shop their awesome collections!

Teaspoon : http://www.teaspooner.com
Success Clothing : http://wegotsuccess.com
Young Ghosts : https://young-ghosts-clothing.myshopify.com


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