I'm the kind of person how owns a ton of different cases for my iPhone. I love having the liberty to change mine often, depending of my mood. Does this make me a little crazy? Seriously, I must admit I feel like I will never own enough cases..
Plus, there are so many original ones available these days, it's really not helping my case! I listed below the cutest ones I found online while I was shopping this week :)

1. Orange Juice Case | Skinny Dip London
2. Andromeda Case | Zero Gravity
3. Basic Repellent Case | Valfré
4. Popcorn Case | Skinny Dip London

5. Pastel Stripes Case | Etsy
6. Mermaid Martini Case | Skinny Dip London
7. Jupiter Case | Zero Gravity
8. Pineapple Case | Lolli Swimwear

9. Watermelon Case | Lolli Swimwear
10. Sweet Hearts Case | Skinny Dip London
11. Milk Case | Skinny Dip London
12. Geometric Case | Etsy

I think my current favorite is the pineapple one from Lolli. Seems to be the perfect case for Summer, isn't? :)
Do you prefer one in particular?



  1. I love all the Skinny Dip cases at the moment! I really want one but just can't decide which one x

    Georgina | Rent or Chanel?

    1. Me too! I'm glad I found out about that brand recently :) xx

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  2. So funny cause I loove changing my cases depending on my mood as well! I just posted a new blogpost with my 10 favorite cute and girly iphone 6 cases. Would love it if u checked it out!


    1. Aw this is so cool! I just bought the Unicorn Tears from Skinny Dip :) Happy to see it's your #1!

  3. Skinny Dip always does the best ones ! Haaaaa



    1. They have the cutest ones, aren't they ?!
      :) xoxox

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  5. Anonymous29/12/16

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  9. Wow! Good DIY Phone Cases. Do you have something for men?

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