(Photos by JMYoung)

Floral Crop Top | Garage
Psychic Poncho | Vintage
Roller Jegging | Garage
Cut Out Boots | Daily Look
Necklace | Forever 21
I can't believe I forgot I owned this poncho. It was folded in between two other sweaters in my closet and I found it this week while searching something to wear one morning! I completely forgot about this one! When I think I've been looking for a cool sweater to wear all winter... oh well... too late!

I bought this poncho a while ago in a small random store. It's a Unif knock off, but I didn't really care since the Unif one was sold out everywhere and it was the only chance for me to have one that look's like it ;)

I decided to wear the poncho even if it's getting warmer and sunny outside. I paired it with a floral crop top to add a bit of colors to the outfit and wore dark grey roller jeggings (so confortable!). The cut out boots and statement necklace were the perfect match to complete this outfit.



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