I'm currently looking for a beautiful woven wall hanging to complete the decor of my living room. There is such a large variety of styles available, I find it really hard to make a choice.

With the ''boho-gypsy'' trend that made a big comeback lately, weaving is more popular than ever. You can buy amazing pieces in vintage shops, online, or even start a DIY project and make your own! They are usually made of natural materials like wool and cotton. Some are colorful others are neutral, it really depends on your taste. Personally, I prefer the ones with bright colors, hanging from a wooden branch.

Here's a few pictures that captured my attention on Pinterest when I was looking for inspiration pictures of weaving :

I also found some cool ideas of weaving projects, other than wall hanging pieces. I never thought there was that many different options we can do with this type of knitting technique.

These homemade projects look so good ! Making a rug can be quite long though... I think the small pillow project would be easier for a first try :)

What do you think of weaving, do you like this type of art ?



  1. Weaving looks so cosy and colourful, I wouldn't mind having a piece up on my wall! x

  2. Glad you like them too :) x x


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