I pretty sure I can say that I'm a huge fan of music. There is not a day in my life where I don't put some music on. I listen to different kinds of music depending of my mood and how I feel. Life without music would be so sad !

From my opinion, either you enjoy music a lot or you don't really care about it. Sometimes people don't understand me when I explain to them how much I love a song or how much I enjoyed the last show I saw, how good it felt singing those lyrics out loud and jumping around in the crowd all night...

Music have such an important place in my life. I really think it can be a sort of personal therapy. It can help to express any feelings or emotions that you keep inside. Even reading some lyrics that describe exactly something you are currently experiencing in your own life can be comforting.

Anyway, I'm currently shopping for a cute pair of headphones since my earbuds are hurting my ears like crazy right now so I decided to post the cutest ones I found online.

1. Frends Layla Oil Slick headphones | Black
2. Roxy headphones | Pink-Orange
3. Wesc Bing Bang headphones | Black-Gold
4. Skull Candy Knockout headphones | Floral
5. Wesc Piston Steet headphones | Purple
6. Philips Cityscape Strada headphones | Pink
7. Skull Candy Knockout headphones | Blue
8. Frends Taylor headphones | Rose-Gold

I don't know which one has the best sound qualify, feel free to let me know if you have any recommandations :)
I'm sure having one of these will make my listening music experience much nicer.

And you, do you qualify yourself as a music lover ?


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