Guess what !? I went shopping at GARAGE this week and bought a few really cute pieces :)

I've been thinking about buying those boyfriend jeans for a while ago ! Their first shipment sold out so fast I didn't have the time to go buy them. Now that they have been restocked, I ran right away to go get them :) I really love the faded wash and the ripped knees !

Also bought a flannel plaid shirt. I find that the hood makes the look quite different from other plaid shirts we usually see. It's a boyfriend fit so it's kind of loose and baggy.

The last piece is a long cardigan with pockets at the front. I really like mix of white and black color and it also has a cute knitted detail at the back.

Here's the link of all those pieces in case you want them to :) They are still available through their online store :

> Boyfriend Jeans
> Hooded Plaid Shirt
> Long Cardigan

Pssst! It's free shipping for a limited time :))))
Enjoy !


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