First time I noticed Cailin Russo was in one of the latest photoshoot from Dropdead clothing a few months ago. Since that day, I'm following her on every social media she's active on just to be inspired and to enjoy all her daily posts :)

I think her personal style is perfection !!! I can say (without a doubt) that she is one of my favorite inspirations when I speak about fashion, outfits and styling ideas. She has a unique way of mixing pieces together that just all work together and is so unique.

Here's is a few pictures I found on the internet showing her badass style at Coachella last week! .....oh and she is such a natural beauty....

Pictures credits: I found them on Vogue (credit Leslie Kirchhoff), Tumblr, Pinterest, Cailin's personnal Twitter account.

I have a huge crush on the first look ! The cropped Pink Floyd T-shirt and the body jewelry are a perfect match. I also loooove the white tutu skirt with the cut-out T-shirt !! #DyingRightNow

Have a great Friday night lovelies :)

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